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Review of Winoptions.comBinary options trading is a relatively simple and straightforward process, with a largely predetermined set of components and predetermined outcomes. No assets are really purchased and the investment is made in a prediction about how the stocks will behave over a certain fixed time period. The actual price of the asset is not important and instead, the accuracy of your prediction gives your return on investment. The time frame selected is defined by a starting and expiry time and you can collect your returns only after expiry time has elapsed. It is a good alternative to the complex and risk-prone trading activities of traditional stock-markets and does not require as much infrastructure. Being a limited risk option, many first-time investors, small traders and people who are looking for quick, safe returns found these attractive. Another attractive feature about binary options trading is that it can be undertaken directly between issuer and trader if so desired. However, most traders prefer to leave the job to experts in the field.

 Keeping these caveats in mind, most brokers concentrate on gaining a reputation for being solid, well-established, trustworthy, helpful and prompt in their dealings. Although the risks are limited, there are any number of unscrupulous scamsters in the field whose shady activities can give the good brokerage houses a bad name too.

 Hence it is essential to do a lot of spade-work before entrusting your hard-earned money to a binary options brokerage.

 WinOptions is a Nicosia, Cyprus based Binary Options Brokerage house. They offer different options like stocks, currencies, commodities and stock indices. Their suite includes some big-name international corporations.

 Web-based:  Their website functions as the interface. This is a huge advantage for traders as they require only good Internet connectivity to transact operations. Unlike forex trading platforms, WinOptions does not require downloads onto specific computers. This makes it an attractive choice for people on the go who would like to use their accounts from alternate locations.

 Informative: Traders also find the ticker-tape style scrolling news on the latest events in the market-place courtesy a reliable source like Reuters to be very useful and informative. The “Live Financial News” scroll-bar provides a host of links to interesting websites and relevant articles. Options builder and market reviews are available to help customers to select the right options.

 Simple and User-friendly: The platform is both simple and intuitive. The website provides a huge amount of flexibility. The easy-to-use, step-by-step procedure is uncomplicated enough even for a first-time trader to negotiate. The languages available are French, Spanish, Arabic and English, which allows customers from almost anywhere in the world to understand and use the website.

 Winsome features: WinOptions offers attractive welcome bonuses on initial deposits. Customers are not required to pay to open accounts and there is no mandatory initial start-up fund to get you going. However there is a maximum investment amount that a customer can use in a single trading operation. Customers can also remain flexible on how much money they want to retain in their accounts, which can be in euros, dollars or pounds sterling currencies. Deposits can be made from a variety of gateways like Visa, Mastercard, wire transfer, Union Pay etc which makes it convenient for traders anywhere in the world to use the website. Bank wires, e-payments and credit cards can also be used to make deposits and withdrawals. All credit cards are verified before use, thus ensuring that only genuine customers use the website. Currently, customers can log in from more than 30 countries. Regular promos and bonuses are also available on the “Today’s Promotion” feature. These are deposited directly into the customer’s account on the following business day.

 Trading Platform features: WinOptions partners with SpotOption Ltd to provide its trading platform. The simple and uncomplicated platform used by WinOptions is easy and convenient to use and learn even for freshers and inexperienced traders. Advanced trading tools and features like one-click trading, limit order, market order, charting package, streaming news feed etc make it very attractive and user-friendly. The trading tools used are both technical and fundamental and include a full step-by-step explanation of how to go about getting started.

 Training and Learning: WinOptions offers its customers good learning opportunities. Since the binary options scenario is a relatively new entrant in many markets, customers may not have much experience dealing in them. Though the procedure is simple, many customers may find that it takes an expert touch to get the right mix of options to maximize profits. E-learning, tutorials, seminars, newsletters, e-books etc are some of the training tools used by WinOptions to increase customer awareness and help them to make more informed choices.

 Customer support: WinOptions offers 24×7 customer support via help-desk, phone, live chat, call-back, newsletters and e-mail. The e-mail response time is instant and other features are also efficient and speedy. A personal account manager is designated for customers and can assist them in terms of advice, course-correction, education and training.

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